Organizing Your Workflow

To be productive you must be organized so things don’t fall through the cracks and you have to spend time that you don’t have to fix problems. Together we will review your daily working routine, suggest charts and lists that will work for your style of living. Send us a detailed report of how you manage your time, things you do daily, weekly and monthly for your business.  Which areas are more problematic and which areas you are spending too much time on.  After answering some questions in a scheduled email chat that should take under an hour, the Small Business Desk will get back to you with a review to help you to see alternative ways to handle your work flow.

Work Flow & Work Ethics

Set realistic goals to eliminate stress. Staying power is very important.  Think of it as a marathon, steady pace for a long time.

It’s important to keep a routine, so all items are attended to and your margin of error is less than if you run an endless ‘crisis management’ putting out fires all the time.

You want to set up a realistic code of ethics, business life is tough.  You must find a comfortable spot between ‘goody two shoes’ and ‘crafty’.

We DO NOT provide financial, legal, accounting or business advice. We are layman providing common sense observation at a very affordable prices, “a second opinion”, “a fresh eye”.

To get started simply make the payment and send us your detailed email.  After studying the content of your email we will set a chat email for more information before our review is completed. Keep in mind, your business is a living organism, if these suggestions work for you today you may have to buy this service again in a later date as your business changes shape. In case we can’t help your $50 will be fully refunded.  If we can assist this service is not refundable.

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Organizing your workflow

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