Administrative Research

This service will list your city, county, state and federal administrative obligations as well as other administrative items that you should consider before opening your business.

Together we have explored yourself as an entrepreneur and the viability of your business idea, now is the time to see what you will need to keep moving forward. During this third step we will research your specific case in your area by contacting your city, county, state and federal  agencies regarding licenses, permits, taxes, etc that you will need to open and run your business. Please note: This research does not replace a local accountant.  You are responsible for all your fillings and an accountant must be retained to assure accuracy of the research we are providing.

We DO NOT provide financial, legal, accounting or business advice. We are layman providing common sense observations at a very affordable price, “a second opinion”, “a fresh eye”.

To get started simply make the payment and send us an email.  We will be contacting you to acquire more information before we can start researching.

In case we can’t help your US$100.00 will be fully refunded.  If we can assist this service is not refundable.


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Administrative Research

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